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Indoor Sun lamps are a superior horticultural choice when it comes to performance. Indoor Sun lamps are carefully engineered and designed in Australia by Western Electrical. Indoor sun covers a wide range of High intensity Discharge Lamps including HPS, MH and CMH. Indoor Sun Lamps range from 250W to 1000W to cover different applications and plant growth phases. 

Indoor Sun is engaged and monitored through a global quality process involving a statistical quality system to provide the highest standards possible. By applying a designated SIX SIGMA in all areas of the company from manufacturing through to sales, Indoor Sun can provide the very best quality to market. Evident through Indoor Sun meeting CE standards and RoHS requirements.


A random selection of lamps from every batch are tested in testing racks to monitor the short term to long term performance and quality. This is to ensure Indoor Sun lamps are within tolerance and specifications. 


High quality components and materials are used in all aspects of manufacturing to ensure lamp performance is optimum and consistent. 

Every single Indoor Sun lamp is tested and check for functionality and visual appearance at the end of production before it reaches the consumer.


To ensure Indoor Sun lamps met specifications light output is measured in spheres by spectra-radio meter.

Western Electrical stands by their product and offers warranties to distributors of Indoor Sun lamps.

The staff at Western Electrical are passionate gardeners, who take pride in creating perfect solutions for your garden. Emphasising on efficient gardening techniques to help you increase yield and save money.

With the help of science and technology, our goal is to save you on power consumption by improving efficiency and PPF Efficacy with our commercial greenhouse lamps.


WE are experts in greenhouse lighting designs and commercial fixtures with over 25 years of industry experience; using the latest equipment in simulations and prototyping validation.


WE focus on light distribution, lighting saturation, over lapping light, enhanced spectrum, the highest available Colour Rendering Index and PPF Efficacy (highest micromoles per second per watt).

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