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The HPS DE PRO HV series is engineered for professional growers, it delivers superior flowering grow light with electronic HV arc tube inside of high tempered double ended glass.

HV SERIES are lamps which have a voltage as high as 265V, however are known and marketed as 400V. All the Double Ended lamps are HIGH VOLTAGE. They work with lower current (amps) which causes less power loss and lower temperature, resulting in a higher lifespan of the ballast. They provide higher values of PPF & PPF/W than low voltage standard lamps.

Indoor Sun have developed 800W HPS DE PRO HV lamps for the first time in the world. The 800W HPS DE PRO HV lamps consume less power and create less heat in comparison with 1000W traditional lamps. They also deliver the better amount of PPF efficacy than traditional 1000W lamps.


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The HPS PRO HV series is engineered to delivers superior flowering grow light with the HV arc tube inside the traditional bulb shape. The performance is better than standard HPS lamps and close to the HPS DE PRO HV.

The 1000W HPS PRO HV is the market leading grow lamp with PPF and PPF Efficacy.

PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) is the rate of photosynthesis determined by the small light particles called “Photons”. The unit is micro mole per second. Plants have a completely different sensitivity for colours of light than the human eye (PPF is a measurment of plants’ sensitivity). Plants require PPF to grow, especially in the flowering stage. Therefore a higher PPF value indicates more light will be absorbed by the plant.

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The PRO SERIES represents higher PPF equals higher plant yield. The arc tube is specifically designed for the hydroponics industries.


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The HPS series is designed to deliver flowering grow light. HPS Series has also a high level of lumen which is an excellent option for both horticultural and commercial lighting requirements.


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