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Indoor Sun MH lamps are available with the colour temperature of 4000K and 6000K with the best amount of blue/red spectrum combination.

The combination of blue and red spectrum provides the best light for the vegetative stage.


The amount of PPF is engineered to the suitable value not to push and stress the plant at the early beginning of plants growth  stage. In return, the blue spectrum provides the best condition for the plants growth. 

Colour Temperature is a numerical value to the colour emitted by a light source, measured in degrees of Kelvin(˚K). The Kelvin Colour Temperature scale imagines a black body object (such as a lamp filament) being heated. At some point the object will get hot enough to begin to glow. As it gets hotter its glowing colour will shift, moving from deep reds, such as a low burning fire would give, to oranges & yellows, all the way up to white hot. Colour temperatures over 5000K are called cool colours (bluish white), while lower colour temperatures (2700 ~ 3000 K) are called warm colours (yellowish white through red).

CONVERSION MH LAMP: These lamps can operate with magnetic HPS ballasts or any other electronic ballasts.

*Conversion MH lamps cannot operate with MH magnetic ballast.


SUPER MH LAMP: Theses lamps works best with all MH ballasts, although can also operate with any other ballast.


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